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Certified Clown Car: Republican Governors Association Unable To Field Viable Candidate To Take On Gov. Inslee

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Today at 5 PM PT, it became official – Washington State Republicans and the RGA have fielded perhaps the least qualified and least prepared batch of Pro-Trump candidates to take on popular Gov. Jay Inslee. Let’s review the tape: 

  • Leading the pack is Tim Eyman, best known for stealing a $70 chair from an Office Depot, Eyman has recently been ordered to pay $270,000 in contempt of court fines as a part of an investigation by the Washington State Attorney General for allegedly laundering political donations, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations, and lying repeatedly to donors and the public.
  • Another winner is Loren Culp who had the gall to compare the common-sense restrictions due to COVID-19 to the WW2 internment of people of Japanese descent. He has also chosen to align himself with alleged domestic terrorists and he has called Gov. Inslee a dumbass, dictator, and an idiot for his actions to keep Washington safe.
  • We can’t forget Joshua Freed who is under investigation by the Public Disclosure Commission for illegally taking back a $500,000 loan he gave to his campaign. He also seems to be confused on whether he ever meant to loan himself the money saying at one point that “I put the money in as a loan” and then saying that the half-million was “initially mischaracterized as a loan.” 
  • Rounding out the clown car are Anton Sakharov, Phil Fortunato and dozens of other candidates, who have made their names taking part in protests or lawsuits challenging Inslee’s stay-at-home order, and none of whom are fit to be governor.

“The Republican Governors Association has really outdone themselves, half a dozen candidates have filed to run against Governor Inslee and not a single viable one among them,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “We’re proud to stand behind Governor Inslee who has led the state alongside experts and frontline workers during this public health crisis. As Washington works towards recovery, Governor Inslee’s proven experience in fostering a strong economy will pay off.”
Gov. Inslee’s leadership during COVID has been lauded as saving “countless lives,” and polls show that the overwhelming majority of Washingtonians trust him to lead them forward.