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CBC Chair on GOP Govs: They've Said, "I Don't Care About You"

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On MSNBC this afternoon, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, slammed Republican governors like Rick Scott, Scott Walker, and Paul LePage for refusing to lift a finger to expand health care access to millions of people in their states. As Fudge argued, these governors have put right-wing ideology and personal spite toward the President above all else and in the process, said to their constituents, “I don’t care about you.” She also correctly pointed out that it’s time “to get rid of them.”
Watch the video here
FUDGE: There is no doubt in my mind that we have two Americas.  For many reasons, but in particular, for the health of our people. The people who live in states where their governors refused to take the Medicaid expansion, should do everything in their power to get rid of them.  These people really have done a disservice to everyone they represent.  When you refuse to take federal dollars that will pay for three years for this expansion, you to me, have said to your state, ‘I don’t care about you,’ ‘I don’t care what happens to you,’ ‘I just want to stop the President from having a successful proposal or having a successful plan,’ because otherwise, who doesn’t take the money?  Come on, who would not take billions of dollars to help poor people in their state?