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CARTER: "It's Time To Rotate The Crops"

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Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” this morning, newly-minted Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jason Carter made the case for removing Governor Nathan Deal in order to create a brighter future for Georgia’s middle class. Citing his own vision for an honest and ethical government, a world-class education system, and a vibrant economy that leaves no one behind, Carter made the clear case for change after the ethics scandals and abandonment of education that have defined the Deal years: “it’s time to rotate the crops.”
Watch the video here:
CARTER: First of all, one of the important things about yesterday is that one in four Republicans came out to vote against the governor. And that’s a real indictment of his record on education. In our state we have 9,000 fewer teachers, 45,000 fewer technical college students. So he’s got a horrible record on education. And frankly, the middle class and the average working person in Georgia has been left out. And people around the state are ready for a change. It’s time to rotate the crops.
BOLDUAN: So what is the change, because what I just heard from you is you just don’t want him so, “vote for me.”
CARTER: No, we have a real vision for our state that begins with an education-first budget and knowing that if you invest in our people, that’s how you get a prosperous and strong middle class and the economy that we want. We’ve also talked in detail about our plans to reform ethics in our state and ensure that we have an honest government that works for everyone and we’re going to be talking about that positive vision over the next several months.