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Carolina Backlash: Another Brutal Day of Headlines for McCrory

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Carolina Backlash: Another Brutal Day of Headlines for McCrory

NC Gov in Crisis as HB2 Economic Fallout Makes NC Front Pages, Editorials, Saturday Night Live

Today, Governor Pat McCrory is facing a growing economic and political crisis. The economic fallout over McCrory’s discrimination bill was splattered across front pages in North Carolina on Wednesday, as McCrory faced growing condemnation from the business community and editorial boards.

The Governor even became a punchline on a Saturday Night Live video released overnight. In the SNL music video, “McCrory” raps about House Bill 2: “If you like Trump cause he’s insane, he ain’t got nothing on this crazy train.”

Meanwhile, McCrory faced editorial condemnation around the state on Wednesday. McCrory’s hometown Charlotte Observer wrote: “Republicans’ effort to ratchet up voter turnout among their base is now costing the state jobs, capital investment and paychecks.” The Burlington Times News wrote: “It seems that HB2 has become a national embarrassment, one that’s going to hurt Tar Heel business and tourism.” The Fayetteville Observer editorial board called McCrory and NC Republicans “clueless about the backlash they unleashed,” and asked: “Shall we now proudly proclaim that we got to the bottom before Mississippi?”

Front page headlines today included:

– Charlotte Observer A1: “PayPal cancels plans for Charlotte center”

– Winston-Salem Journal A1: “HB2 Backlash Grows”

– Raleigh News & Observer A1: “PayPal cancels planned NC jobs”

– Hendersonville Times-News A1: “Backlash grows over NC LGBT law”

– Asheville Citizen-Times A1: “PayPal reverses jobs plan due to HB2”