Candidate Lombardo Slams Policies That Metro PD Supported Under Sheriff Lombardo

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New reporting once again exposes Joe Lombardo’s hypocrisy on crime, showing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which Lombardo heads as sheriff, testified in support or was neutral on bipartisan policies that Lombardo now criticizes on the campaign trail.

“Representatives of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made appearances several times to testify in support or neutral on policies that Lombardo and his campaign would attack just three years later,” the Nevada Independent reported.

Several bills that Lombardo’s Metro PD supported or testified as neutral on were included in a list of “soft on crime” bills by a Lombardo spokesperson earlier this month. In 2019, a Metro lobbyist testified in favor of a red flag law, which Lombardo now says on his gubernatorial campaign website he’d look to overturn.

Lombardo’s tenure as sheriff has been riddled with corruption and political maneuvering. In June, Metro lawyers admitted Lombardo used his government email to communicate with campaign handlers. And more recently, the Las Vegas Sun editorial board called on Lombardo to resign as sheriff after texts revealed he conspired to drive the Sun and its owner out of business.

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