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Campaign Staffers Jump Ship to Escape “Crowded, Unsettled” PA GOP Primary

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In the latest sign of how messy the crowded Pennsylvania Republican primary for governor is going to get, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that “at least five staffers and advisors have left” the campaign of Jake Corman — who once reportedly bragged that he could clear the crowded field.

“The departures show the gap between the campaign’s expectations that Corman would quickly emerge as a front-runner and the reality of a crowded, unsettled race,” reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

With over a dozen candidates in the race and the state party declining to endorse a candidate, all the GOP hopefuls are desperate to out-Trump one another to consolidate support.

Corman knows he has to prove his loyalty to far-right conspiracy theories, so he booted rival Doug Mastriano from his role on the bogus election audit. But a recent Public Policy Polling survey found Mastriano leading the field, so Corman will have to crank up his extremism if he hopes to catch up.

“Even Republican campaign staffers are ditching the Pennsylvania GOP primary because they know it’ll be a nasty, crowded race with no real winners,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Jake Corman and his Republican competitors can try all they want to woo the far-right, but whoever emerges in the general election will be so out-of-touch with Pennsylvania families they won’t stand a chance.”