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Campaign Launch FAIL: Adam Laxalt Stumbles Out of the Gate

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Laxalt Angers Reporters, Republicans, Local Leaders – All in 2 Weeks!

Between reporters, his fellow Republicans, and local leaders, there aren’t too many Nevadans left for Adam Laxalt to alienate—and he’s only been on the campaign trail for two weeks!  

Nevada Independent reporter Jon Ralston recently blasted Laxalt for his “stunning ignorance,” dodging questions from reporters on important issues, and “choosing to rely instead on his campaign cocoon.” But it’s no wonder why Laxalt has been hiding: when he did attempt to answer for his record, he “demonstrated he either does not understand state government or will not deviate from his programming.” Ouch.

Meanwhile, Laxalt’s fellow Republicans are accusing him of being ‘for sale’ and working on behalf of wealthy special interests instead of Nevada families.

On top of that, Laxalt has also come under fire from the Mayor of Reno who says he is pitting ‘Nevadans against Nevadans’ when it comes to combatting the deadly opioid epidemic that has swept the state.

“Adam Laxalt attempted a meticulously scripted campaign launch but still managed to bungle his rollout,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Laxalt puts his far-right campaign backers ahead of the people of Nevada, and the more he refuses to answer for his record, the more obvious that fact becomes to Nevada voters.”