CAMPAIGN-DEFINING MOMENT: Kobach Raises Hand to Endorse Brownback

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Debate Moderator: ‘Raise Your Hand if You Think Sam Brownback Was A Good Governor;’ Kobach Raised His Hand

One moment in tonight’s Kansas governor debate crystallized the entire campaign.
At the beginning of the debate in Wichita, the moderator asked candidates to “raise your hand if you think Sam Brownback was a good governor.”
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach raised his hand, while state Senator Laura Kelly did not.
Brownback’s disastrous tax experiment resulted in hundred million dollar budget shortfalls, school shutdowns, and credit downgrades.
“This moment defines the campaign: Kris Kobach raised his hand to endorse Sam Brownback’s agenda,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “There you have it: Kris Kobach and Sam Brownback, one and the same.”
Watch Kobach endorse Brownback HERE: