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Cameron’s Election-Year Apology to Teachers is Too Little, Too Late

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Cameron’s Election-Year Apology to Teachers is Too Little, Too Late

Signaling that he knows he’s in trouble, Daniel Cameron is trying to give his failed record of attacking public education an election-year makeover, offering a desperate and fake apology to educators for the Kentucky GOP’s history of attacking public education at a recent campaign stop.

However, Cameron’s empty words fell flat, and he can’t cover up his real record:

  • Cameron said he would have stood by Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional “Sewer Bill” that dismantled retirements for public school teachers, police, and firefighters.
  • Cameron strongly supports a scheme that would have led to an unconstitutional voucher system that takes millions of taxpayer dollars meant for struggling public schools to benefit unaccountable private schools.
  • His pick for running mate, state Senator Robby Mills, was one of the architects of the attack on teacher pensions in the state legislature.

It’s no wonder Kentucky educators were reportedly “unimpressed by Cameron’s overture,” and claimed that the “apple he’s offering is rotten to the core.” 

“Daniel Cameron knows his harmful track record of attacking public education is deeply unpopular, so he’s doing everything he can to flip the script. But it’s too little, too late for Kentucky teachers and parents,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Electing Daniel Cameron as Kentucky’s next governor would be more of the same Bevin-style war against teachers and public education – and no election-year flip-flop that can cover that up.”