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Call Ives Maybe?

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It’s been two days since Governor Bruce Rauner squeaked by state Representative Jeanne Ives in the Republican primary, yet they still haven’t spoken on the phone. Rauner was already known as the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent before 48% of the Republican primary voted for Ives, so why hasn’t he called her?
Maybe Rauner doesn’t have her number? Well, we stopped by Rauner’s office and he can DM us for more info – or just visit her webpage, which lists her number:

“Bruce Rauner is the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation, yet he cannot find a way to reach out to the Jeanne Ives voters who rejected him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s failed record will be hard enough to run on without having to deal with a divided party. Is it that hard to make a call?”