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Bush Speechwriter: Gillespie’s Campaign a “Very Bad Sign” for Republicans

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Republican Michael Gerson went on MSNBC to slam fellow Bush White House alumnus, Ed Gillespie, for running a divisive and negative campaign in Virginia. Gerson said Gillespie’s Trump-style campaign is  “a very bad sign” for Republicans moving forward.
Watch HERE:
PETER ALEXANDER: Michael, what do Republicans make of the campaign Ed Gillespie is running right now? 
MICHAEL GERSON: I think surprised. Ed is very much an establishment figure and politician…
ALEXANDER: Surprised seems generous. 
GERSON: Yeah…a moderate conservative who saw the way the winds were blowing in the Republican Party. That’s a very bad sign moving forward, I think. 
“Ed Gillespie’s Trumpian transformation is so disgusting, even Republicans are distancing themselves from it,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Gillespie has used the Trump playbook and it’s backfiring on him in a big way. With only a few days left until the election, a divided Republican Party is the last thing Gillespie needs.”
It’s just the latest sign that Gillespie is alienating some Republicans with his negative tactics. His campaign ads have sparked outrage from Republicans, from conservative columnists, and even an endorser of his campaign.