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Bullock Sweeps First Four Newspaper Endorsements in MT-Gov

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Bullock Sweeps First Four Newspaper Endorsements in MT-Gov

Billings Gazette, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Montana Standard, and Helena Independent-Record all endorse Steve Bullock for governor

As Steve Bullock seeks to build on his successful first term as Montana Governor, the Democratic incumbent’s reelection campaign has earned a clean sweep of the first four major newspapers endorsements in the state’s race for governor.

Check out what Montana editorial boards are saying about their recommendation of Gov. Steve Bullock over GOP challenger Greg Gianforte:

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Bullock deserves return to governor’s office

“Montana’s chief executive, Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock, is up for re-election next month and deserves another term in office.”

“Bullock has been a stalwart advocate for Montana’s public lands and has a strong record of working with both parties and advocating early childhood education and badly needed infrastructure investment. He has rightly identified those areas as continued priorities if he is elected to a second term.” [10/16/16]

Montana Standard: Bullock best choice for governor

“Bullock’s priorities, including early childhood education, infrastructure, protecting public lands and economic development, are hard to argue with. So is a solid first-term record.”

“And he has also placed emphasis on working toward equal pay for equal work in the state; frozen college tuition; and increased dual-enrollment opportunity for high-school students.” [10/19/16]

Helena Independent-Record: An IR View: Bullock deserves another term as governor

“We are skeptical about the feasibility of Gianforte’s aggressive job-creation strategy, particularly his plans to completely freeze state spending and eliminate the business equipment tax in four years.”

“We also stand by the work Bullock has done as governor to promote fair elections, make health care available to more Montanans, and maintain an appropriate balance between public safety and Montanans’ cherished right to bear arms.” [10/19/16]

Billings Gazette: Gazette opinion: Bullock works for all Montanans

“Greg Gianforte, Bullock’s Republican challenger, lacks that crucial commitment to quality education for all. He should not be in charge of the budget where public K-college education is a major expense area.”

“In a choice between Gianforte and Bullock, we have to go with the man who grew up in Helena, earned a law degree, led the Montana Department of Justice for four years and steered our ship of state on a moderate course for the benefit of average Montanans these past four years. 

We recommend re-electing Bullock.” [10/16/16]