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Bullock continues to lead money race for governor

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Associated Press | Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:51 am
HELENA (AP) — Democratic Attorney General Steve Bullock continues to raise more money than other candidates for governor while Republican hopefuls battle it out in a crowded primary.
Bullock reported Monday that he has raised another $100,000 since April 6, and has $575,000 on hand.
The Republican money leader is former congressman Rick Hill. He reports raising $54,000 over the last month, and he holds $200,000 as campaigning heats up for the June 5 primary.
Hill’s Republican foes in the seven-way race have been trying to overtake him by criticizing his work in the insurance industry and his past in Washington D.C. But former security consultant Neil Livingstone, former state Sen. Corey Stapleton of Billings and former state Sen. Ken Miller of Laurel have all been trailing in money support.
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