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Buckle Up, Florida’s GOP Gov Primary Is About to Get Nasty

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Latvala: ‘I’m Going to Get in People’s Faces’

Today, GOP state Senator Jack Latvala kicked off his candidacy in the race for governor. His entrance into the race marks the beginning of what is expected to a long and expensive primary that will continue to expand as more candidates get in.
Early indications show there will be no love lost between these candidates.
Latvala did not mince words about his reputation as a sharp elbowed politician:
A lot of times people will say that about me, and they also say, ‘But he’s my a–h—.’ My constituents have traditionally liked having somebody like me. I’m going to get in people’s faces if I need to.
The attacks are already flying. Last Friday, Republican Adam Putnam came under fire for past congressional votes. Even though Richard Corcoran hasn’t entered the race, his pollster already blasted Putnam for being pro-amnesty as a congressman.
Now that there’s an official primary, the attacks will only get nastier.
“The Florida Republican primary is about to become an all-out melee,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The attacks are flying already – and the candidates are busy racing to the far right wing. It’s hard to know who’ll come out of this intra-party fight, but whoever wins will be deeply damaged by a messy Republican primary.”