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Bruce Rauner’s Failed Leadership: Another Week of Disastrous Headlines

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While Illinois Feels Pain of Rauner’s Inaction, Governor Touts $20 Million From Trumpcare Fan Ken Griffin

Bruce Rauner’s continued inaction on the budget was the top news this week as unpaid bills pile up, costing the state in higher bond costs and overdue payments. Even Rauner’s old buddies abandoned him in the budget battle:  
Reuters: “Illinois’ unpaid bills reach record $14.3 billion.”
Bloomberg: “Illinois Punished by Market as Deadline Nears Amid Fighting.”
Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn: “Crippling overdue penalties – another reason to fix the state budget now.”
Crain’s Chicago Business: “Big biz group sides against Rauner in budget war.”
The state’s job growth took a hit as the state announced over 7,000 jobs were lost for the second month in a row:
Daily Herald: “Butterball to close Montgomery plant, cuts 600 jobs.”
Capital Fax Blog: “Unemployment rate down, but so are jobs.”
Rauner continued to refuse to stand up to President Trump – while taking $20M From a big-time Trump backer: 
Crain’s Editorial Board: “We deserve to know what Rauner’s doing on AHCA.”
Chicago Sun Times: “Ken Griffin dumps $20 million into Rauner campaign fund.”
Institutional Investor: “Trump’s First 100 Days Get a Warm Embrace from Ken Griffin.”
And, yet again, Illinois families felt the pain of Governor Rauner’s wrong priorities:
NPR UIS: “Small And Mid-Size Public Universities Feeling Brunt Of Budget Stalemate”
Herald & Review: “Decatur veterans assistance program to end.”
CBS Chicago: “Non-Profit That Serves Children Makes Drastic Cut In Services.”
WQAD: “Sterling agency’s last cry for help as budget impasse drags on.”
“Governor Rauner spent the week playing politics instead of solving problems,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Every day, the quality of life in Illinois gets worse – while the governor is more concerned with his own political career.”