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“Brownback from the Dead” – DGA Releases Video Calling Out Colyer & Schmidt For Their Major Roles in the Failed Brownback Era

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As the bruising GOP primary for governor in Kansas is heating up, the Democratic Governors Association is releasing a new video today – called “Brownback from the Dead” – that calls out Kansas GOP candidates for governor Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt for their leading roles in helping Sam Brownback crash the economy and harm public schools in Kansas. Watch the new video here.

The video highlights clips of Jeff Colyer saying “Sam is the CEO and I’m the COO” and “Sam gets things done for Kansas,” while featuring Derek Schmidt saying “Brownback has attentively delivered time and again” and “It’s a pleasure to be here in support of Governor Brownback.” 

While Colyer and Schmidt were happy to play a key role in supporting the Brownback administration, the results of their failed agenda hurt Kansas families. In fact, the Brownback era is a widely recognized economic failure, which was deeply unpopular for its disastrous tax experiment that devastated the state’s budget and forced Kansas families to face harmful cuts to public education and health care. 

During his official campaign announcement, Colyer already had trouble facing tough questions about how he wants to drag Kansas back to the Brownback era. In a back-and-forth with a reporter about Brownback tax policies, Colyer dodged the question, saying “I’m not talking past.”

Meanwhile, Colyer and Schmidt continue to launch nasty personal attacks at each other, with Schmidt recently saying Colyer is “too weak.” 

“Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt may say nasty things about each other, but they both had nothing but praise for Sam Brownback as they teamed up to crash the state budget and cut public education,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton “That’s a harmful record Colyer and Schmidt won’t be able to run from because Kansas families know they can’t afford to get dragged back to the failed Brownback years.”