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“Bring Out the Boxing Gloves”: More Messy Infighting At Last Night’s GOP Primary Debate in Kentucky

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“Bring Out the Boxing Gloves”: More Messy Infighting At Last Night’s GOP Primary Debate in Kentucky

Last night, candidates hoping to survive the expensive and chaotic Republican primary in Kentucky finally met for a debate where they attacked one another and outdid each other in promoting one extreme policy position after another.

Below are some of the wildest moments from last night’s debate: 

  • Craft, Cameron trade blows over who is more corrupt:  
    • Kelly: “Our attorney general, as we’ve all seen in the press and we’ve all read, is currently under ethics investigation. Our attorney general accepted $129,000 in campaign contributions” from Pace-o-Matic.
    • Cameron: “As I understand, you have a coordination issue with your husband, Joe Craft, and that’s under investigation right now.”
  • Candidates all push policies to dismantle public education: 
    • Throughout the night, the candidates advocated for policies that would rip away funding from public education to be given to private, unaccountable institutions.
    • Craft repeated her promise to “dismantle” the Kentucky Department of Education on her first day in office.
  • Cameron once again touted Matt Bevin’s plan to rip away health care from over 100,000 hard-working Kentuckians, and Kelly Craft agreed.

“As this bruising primary enters the final stretch, last night’s debate proved the race is only going to get more chaotic, expensive, and extreme,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Sam Newton. “From attacking each other for corruption, to pushing policies to dismantle public education, and touting a Matt Bevin 2.0 plan that would rip away health care from over 100,000 Kentuckians, these candidates are out of touch with the needs of Kentucky’s working families. Governor Andy Beshear will continue to do right by the people of Kentucky by bringing people together and delivering for hard-working Kentuckians.”