Brian Kemp’s Refusal to Expand Medicaid Has Devastating Impact on Georgians As Major Hospital Closes Its Doors

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As Gov. Brian Kemp is one of the last Republican governors in the country who still refuses to to expand Medicaid, another hospital — this time a major hospital serving some of Atlanta’s most vulnerable residents — is slated to close soon.

Expanding Medicaid would reduce the financial strain on hospitals like the Atlanta Medical Center that serve many uninsured patients. Still, Gov. Kemp continues to double down on opposition to Medicaid expansion, turning down billions in federal funds.

“If the Atlanta Medical Center shuts completely or stops key services, it will be the 6th hospital to turn away patients on Kemp’s watch,” Stacey Abrams said. “We’re in a crisis of spiraling healthcare costs & declining access. It’s shameful that Kemp puts his politics over what’s best for Georgians.”

Under Gov. Kemp, Georgia has the second highest uninsured rate in the nation, and 70% of Georgians report struggling with health care.

“Hospital closures are just one of many devastating consequences of Gov. Brian Kemp’s refusal to expand Medicaid,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “As Gov. Kemp allows thousands of Georgians to suffer without care, Stacey Abrams is making Medicaid expansion a top priority of her campaign.”