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Brian Kemp Has a Long Record of Opposing Better Pay for Law Enforcement and Making Their Jobs More Dangerous

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Brian Kemp has a horrible record of turning his back on law enforcement, and now his campaign is criticizing Stacey Abrams’ plan to raise the base pay for police officers to $50,000.

Kemp has opposed better pay for law enforcement before, calling a minimum wage for police officers “bad policy.” Meanwhile, crime and gun violence have seen a drastic spike across the state under Kemp.

Rather than fairly compensating law enforcement officers and protecting their safety, Kemp has only made it more dangerous to serve. Despite major opposition from law enforcement, Kemp signed a criminal carry law that makes it easier for criminals to carry loaded handguns in public.

“I think it would probably cause an increase in gun crimes,” Bibb County Colonel Henderson Carswell said of Kemp’s criminal carry law.

“Brian Kemp has a record of calling pay increases for law enforcement ‘bad policy,’ while making their jobs more dangerous with his reckless criminal carry legislation,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Kemp’s record proves he’ll make Georgia more dangerous, and we won’t let him hide the truth.”