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Brian Kemp Admits He Has No Plan As COVID-19 Infections ‘Surge to Record Highs’

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While Georgia’s COVID infections “surge to record highs,” Brian Kemp admitted to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday that he still doesn’t have a plan to address the pandemic.

One day after Hancock County, Georgia reached a “grim COVID milestone” of one out of every 100 residents dying from the virus, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Kemp said he “had no specific pandemic-related legislation on his agenda this year.”

Earlier in the campaign, Kemp told 11Alive that instead of imposing public health measures, he was “keeping his fingers crossed” that the situation would improve despite his lack of leadership. Kemp also opposed the critical economic and COVID relief in the American Rescue Plan but has since hypocritically tried to start taking credit for its positive impact on the state.

Kemp’s campaign website issues page still doesn’t say a single word about the pandemic.

“Since the start of COVID-19, Brian Kemp’s failed leadership has threatened lives, hurt the economy, and prolonged the pandemic,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Kemp’s willingness to ignore the virus and just hope for the best is a slap in the face to families and businesses struggling to stay afloat. Georgians need a new governor who has a plan to safely grow the economy, get people back to work and return to normal.”