BREAKING: Stapleton’s Hand-Picked Running Mate Refuses To Answer Questions About His Involvement In Infamous Tailhook Sexual Assault Scandal

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Report: “The Colorado Sun asked Sias at least 9 times in a 17-minute interview about what he saw at Tailhook, but Sias refused to directly answer each time”

Today, the Colorado Sun reported that Walker Stapleton’s hand-picked running mate refused to answer questions about his involvement in the Tailhook sexual assault scandal, one of the largest in U.S. military history.
The Tailhook investigation centered around an episode at a three-day Navy symposium that devolved into excessive drinking and where 83 women and seven men were assaulted.
And in the middle of it all? Lang Sias.
According to the Colorado Sun, Sias flew an F/18 to Las Vegas with one of the primary individuals involved in the scandal and attended one of the parties that became a focal point of the 1993 investigation.
Read the bombshell report here.