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BREAKING: Snyder Calls For Impartial FBI Investigation Into Attorney General Schuette, Calls the Criminal Complaint Referral ‘Clearly a Serious Matter’

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Schuette’s use of taxpayer resources in sale of Caribbean home continues to tear apart Michigan GOP

In case you missed it, Republican Governor Rick Snyder today called the referral of a criminal complaint against Attorney General Schuette to the FBI “clearly a serious matter.” The governor’s office went on to reiterate the importance of an impartial investigation, telling the Detroit Free Press, “It’s important that the FBI be allowed to do a thorough investigation without any undue influence and let the facts take them wherever they lead.”
“Even Republican Governor Rick Snyder agrees Attorney General Bill Schuette’s use of taxpayer resources for personal profit deserves further scrutiny from the FBI,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Now, there are bipartisan calls for an impartial inquiry. With an FBI investigation looming over Bill Schuette’s campaign, the GOP primary is all-but-certain to get even nastier, leaving whoever comes out of it bruised and battered.”
You can read the full piece HERE.