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BREAKING: Schuette Emails Confirm Staffers Used State Time For Political Activity

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In a bombshell report today, the Detroit Free Press revealed emails putting Attorney General Bill Schuette in yet another scandal involving the misuse of taxpayer resources to advance personal and political goals. This time, the Free Press exposed Schuette asking more than a dozen state employees to join a conference call during the middle of the work day to talk “presidential politics” and offered “state employees financial incentives to secure endorsements for then presidential candidate Jeb Bush.” Schuette has previously denied he ever used taxpayer resources for personal or political gain.
It’s just the latest scandal threatening his bid to become the GOP gubernatorial nominee. This comes on top of previous scandals that led a local prosecutor to refer a complaint to the FBI, and force Republican Governor Rick Snyder to call the situation a “serious matter” needing a “thorough investigation.”
“Once again, Bill Schuette uses taxpayer resources for personal or political advantage,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It’s part of a pattern of corruption stretching across his entire tenure. He just can’t seem to help himself. Michigan deserves a governor committed to serving Michiganders’ interests before misusing state resources to help himself and his cronies.”
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