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BREAKING: RGA Admits to Breaking Montana Campaign Finance Law

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BREAKING: RGA Admits to Breaking Montana Campaign Finance Law

Group spent $453k attacking Bullock, illegally evaded Montana campaign finance law

RGA took $150k from Gianforte since 2012 

Today, the Republican Governors Association admitted to spending more than $450,000 primarily on attack ads that illegally evaded Montana’s campaign finance laws. 

After taking $150,000 in personal contributions from Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte, the RGA spent $453,000 attacking Gov. Steve Bullock. Some $365,000 of that spending was on attack ads paid for by RGA Right Direction PAC, a federal PAC that filed its paperwork with the FEC. RGA Right Direction PAC failed to register as a Montana political committee, as required by Montana law. 

The Associated Press reported today that the RGA finally filed a state campaign finance report on Monday after Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl “called on the RGA to register as a committee.”

“Today, Greg Gianforte’s national PAC allies were caught red-handed evading Montana’s campaign finance laws,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “It’s no surprise to see such double-talk from Greg Gianforte and his allies. He’s the candidate who pledged not to take PAC money, then was caught on camera going into a PAC fundraiser. It’s clear that Greg Gianforte is yet another millionaire who thinks the laws in Montana don’t apply to him.

Gianforte is a former member of the RGA’s Executive Roundtable, a group described by the Washington Post as “an elite roundtable program that has pumped tens of millions into the Republican Governors Association.” Gianforte has donated $150,000 to the RGA personally, and his campaign is managed by a former RGA senior staffer

Read the story from the Associated Press below:

GOP governors group agrees to register campaign committee

By: Bobby Caina Calvan

Associated Press


The Republican Governors Association has agreed to register as a political committee in Montana after spending more than $450,000 prior to the state’s June 7 primary to benefit Bozeman businessman Greg Gianforte’s campaign for governor.

Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl called on the RGA to register as a committee after The Associated Press reported the group acknowledged spending large amounts of money for television spots critical of Gov. Steve Bullock.

The RGA filed a campaign finance report on Monday, the latest reporting deadline, as required of all political committees.

Under the auspices of the RGA Right Direction PAC, the association of GOP governors reported spending more than $453,000, the bulk for advertising and two polls.

State law requires groups spending money on Montana campaigns to register with Motl’s office.