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Brauchler Scared Out of CO-GOV

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Primary Moves Further Right as Brauchler Outflanked by Tancredo

This morning, Colorado Republican George Brauchler announced he is dropping out of the governor’s race. As The Denver Post reports, Brauchler was ultimately outflanked on the right by the ultra-conservative Tom Tancredo:

Among the Republicans seeking their party’s nomination in the governor’s race, Walker Stapleton and Victor Mitchell have already amassed larger financial war chests. And the addition of Tancredo made it hard to see Brauchler getting the nomination by lining up the overwhelming support of hard-line conservatives.

As Tancredo gains more steam, the primary will shift further and further right. Brauchler saw it coming, got scared and jumped out. Apparently, there’s no place for a “Brauchler Republican” in Colorado’s GOP anymore.

“George Brauchler’s failure to appeal to the conservative base shows how far right the primary is headed,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “The Colorado governor’s race has turned into a chaotic race-to-the-right. Whoever finally emerges from the primary will be the most extreme candidate in Colorado history.”