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Brandon Presley Releases Second Plank of His War on Corruption

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Brandon Presley Releases Second Plank of His War on Corruption

Presley: “The difference between me and the guy that’s in the governor’s mansion today is that I’m willing to take it on and change it.”

In Gulfport yesterday, Public Service Commissioner and candidate for governor Brandon Presley released the second plank of his bold War on Corruption plan to put government back on the side of Mississippians.

The second plank of Presley’s War on Corruption includes appointing an independent investigator into the state’s landmark public corruption scandal and ensuring they cannot be fired by the governor — a clear departure from incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves, who fired the former U.S. Attorney appointed to recoup tens of millions in misspent public funds when he threatened to get too close to Reeves’ political cronies. Presley’s plan also calls for the creation of a Task Force on Public Integrity to review all state contracts and ensure that taxpayer funds are not being stolen or misspent, as they have been for years on Gov. Reeves’ watch.

Read more about Presley’s War on Corruption, and about his fight to make sure Mississippi never sees another scandal like “Tategate”: