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Brandon Presley Dominates in Sole Mississippi Gubernatorial Debate

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Brandon Presley Dominates in Sole Mississippi Gubernatorial Debate

Democratic Governors Association Political Director Jordy Zeigler released the following statement on Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley’s victory in Mississippi’s gubernatorial debate tonight:

“Brandon Presley clearly won tonight’s debate; he was the only candidate on stage who demonstrated the grit, integrity, and leadership that Mississippians deserve from their governor. Meanwhile, Tate Reeves again refused to take responsibility for the widespread hospital closure crisis that has only worsened during his time in office, the mounting questions about his self-serving conduct, or his ties to the state’s widespread welfare fraud scandal.

“Even Reeves’ refusal to debate until the last week of the campaign should not come as a surprise. Not only does Reeves have no answers to the challenges Mississippians are facing, he also doesn’t care enough to speak directly to voters. While Reeves looks out for himself and his corrupt allies, Brandon again proved tonight that whether it’s expanding Medicaid, cutting taxes for working families, or waging war on corruption from day one in office, he will always put Mississippi first.”

Tonight’s debate comes as Brandon Presley continues to build momentum in the final days of Mississippi’s governor’s race. Recent polls show the race neck-and-neck and Brandon outraising Reeves in the final days of the race, as Republicans “sound every alarm” over Reeves’ struggles to consolidate the Republican base.