Brandon Presley Declares “War on Corruption”

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Brandon Presley Declares “War on Corruption”

Presley: “As governor, I will tell the special interests, lobbyists, and good ol’ boys that the party is over… [Mississippians] deserve a governor who will fight to put the government back on the side of working families.”

Public Service Commissioner and candidate for governor Brandon Presley declared a “War on Corruption” in Mississippi, laying out a bold ethics plan that reins in campaign donations, increases transparency about lobbyists’ spending, and slams shut the revolving door that allows state officials to become lobbyists as soon as they leave office.

Presley took aim at Governor Tate Reeves’ failed leadership for his role in the biggest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history, saying, “If you’re Tate Reeves’ personal trainer, the guy that teaches him to do jumping jacks, then you can get $1.3 million. This type of corruption and this sort of good old boy network makes me sick to my stomach.”Read more about how Brandon Presley is waging war on corruption in Mississippi:

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