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Brandon Presley Can’t Help Falling In Love With All 82 Counties in Mississippi

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Brandon Presley Can’t Help Falling In Love With All 82 Counties in Mississippi 

Mississippi Today: “doubters be damned — by the end of today, Presley will have reached all 82 counties” while Gov. Reeves “may not reach all 82 counties this year”

Like a river flows surely to the sea, gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley has visited all 82 counties in Mississippi. As Mississippi Today’s Adam Ganucheau notes in a report on this major campaign milestone, wise men say only fools rush into such a bold campaign promise. But, “doubters be damned,” for Brandon it was a “mission that was aligned with a campaign strategy he’s been rolling out since the day he announced his gubernatorial candidacy in January.”

While “very few Mississippi politicians can claim they visited all 82 counties during one single statewide campaign,” including multiple counties that cannot be accessed via a major U.S. highway, Brandon will fulfill his promise today with visits to Amite and Wilkinson counties in southwest Mississippi. By contrast, incumbent Gov. Tate Reeves “may not reach all 82 counties this year.”

“I’m not just going to come to these counties during campaign years,” explained Brandon Presley. “As governor, I’m going to continue visiting all 82 counties because Mississippians deserve a leader who will listen and meet them where they are.”

Read more about how Brandon is keeping his promise to the people of Mississippi here.