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Bob Stefanowski and Donald Trump Agree–Trump Deserves an A

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Trump and Stefanowski on the Same Page Again

It’s back to school season, and while most children get their grades from their teachers, Donald Trump gets graded by himself–or his admirers like Bob Stefanowski.
This morning, Trump went on Fox News, and gave himself an “A+” for the first 19 months of his scandal-plagued, chaotic presidency.
Who else agrees that Trump deserves an A? Trump groupie Bob Stefanowski.
Stefanowski is such a fan of Trump that he’s repeatedly invited Trump to campaign in Connecticut and even thinks Connecticut “need[s] more” of Trump’s disastrous policies. All this despite a new poll showing Donald Trump with a staggering 67% disapproval rating in Connecticut.
“Donald Trump and Bob Stefanowski agree: They both love Trump,” said Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Trump and Stefanowski might give Donald Trump an A, but Connecticut voters give him an F for his terrible policies. It’s clear: When it comes to policy, Bob Stefanowski would just copy Trump’s homework and bring it to Connecticut.”