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Bloomberg Highlights DGA Chair Gov. Tim Walz Pushing Back On Book Bans

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Bloomberg Highlights DGA Chair Gov. Tim Walz Pushing Back on Book Bans

A new column in Bloomberg highlights how DGA Chair Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is pushing back against extreme right-wing attacks on libraries and books by prohibiting MAGA book bans in Minnesota, writing: “While far-right groups — in mostly Republican-led states— wage a crusade to ban thousands of books in schools and public libraries across the country, Minnesota is pushing back.”

Gov. Walz told Bloomberg: “I see book bans as dangerous. Throughout history, the people who want to ban books have never been on the right side.”

As a former teacher, Gov. Walz added: “The freedom to read is super personal to me. We know how powerful it is for kids.”Bloomberg noted this comes as “The rise in attempts to censor Americans’ reading material is alarming. In 2023, book challenges surged to the highest level ever documented, according to the American Library Association, with efforts to censure more than 4,200 titles.”

Democratic governors including Illinois Gov. JB Priztker, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee have also fought back and signed legislation that has banned book bans.

Read the full column here.