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Billionaire Ken Griffin Throws Millions At Richard Irvin’s Rauner Reboot Campaign

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Today, Ken Griffin confirmed he’ll be bankrolling Richard Irvin at the top of his Rauner Reboot ticket by donating $20 million to Irvin’s campaign.

Griffin notoriously financed the catastrophic governorship of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who tanked Illinois’ budget, public programs, and state finances. In his mission to drag Illinois back to the Rauner days, Griffin has found the perfect blank slate candidate in Irvin.

“A group of political operatives associated with Griffin helped orchestrate Irvin’s candidacy,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

By dodging questions on Donald Trump and abortion and flip-flopping on everything from COVID mandates to his past support of Gov. JB Pritzker, it’s clear Irvin has no platform of his own and will say anything for political clout and Griffin’s support. Irvin also needs to answer for his 15-year career running a law firm that profits off the defense of violent criminals.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Griffin’s backing of Irvin was “opening the door to further divisions within the state GOP.” Already under attack from his opponents, Irvin is sure to be an even bigger target now that he’s beholden to Griffin.

“Ken Griffin bankrolled Bruce Rauner while he imploded Illinois’ budget, defunded social services, and ruined the state’s economy — and now he wants Richard Irvin to do the same,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “With his constant flip-flopping, Irvin has proved he has no platform of his own and is building his entire candidacy on Griffin’s out-of-touch talking points. Working families can’t afford a Rauner Reboot — and Irvin would only drag the state backward.”