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Billionaire Bigelow, Who Evicted Families During Pandemic, Bankrolls Joe Lombardo With Over $25 Million in Political Contributions

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Bigelow’s $25M contributions across four entities supporting Lombardo is nearly three times as much as Lombardo himself has raised

New campaign finance reports reveal that Joe Lombardo is still being fueled by billionaire real estate mogul Robert Bigelow. Bigelow has poured a whopping $8 million into Lombardo’s campaign and the Lombardo-dedicated Super PAC. Bigelow has also given $6 million to Stronger Nevada PAC and $12 million to the RGA, who are working overtime to prop up Lombardo’s campaign. The RGA alone has spent over $12 million in Nevada.

The cozy Bigelow-Lombardo relationship was previously reported on by the Associated Press, which noted that Bigelow had gone to court to evict families “at the height of the pandemic” despite eviction moratoriums.

As Lombardo and his backers rake in millions from Bigelow, he has conveniently failed to answer how he’ll expand affordable housing or stop wealthy folks like Bigelow from raising rents on properties and taking advantage of low-income or middle-class families.

“As governor, Joe Lombardo would put greedy billionaires first and kick hardworking Nevada families to the curb,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Nevadans deserve to know if Lombardo has a plan to make housing more affordable or if he’s too busy kissing up to his wealthy donors.”