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Bill Schuette: Michigan’s Own Luther Strange

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Like Strange, Schuette Has Backing of Trump, Not Trump Supporters

Last night’s election results sent a clear message from Alabama to Michigan’s own Luther Strange, Bill Schuette.

Just like Luther Strange, Bill Schuette has spent a career in politics boosting special interests at the expense of working families. 

And just like Luther Strange, Bill Schuette boasts the endorsement of President Trump while failing to capture the support of Trump’s dedicated supporters. In fact, Schuette’s primary opponent, Sen. Patrick Colbeck, said of the President’s endorsement, “‘Look at the folks who got him elected — the grassroots army,’ he said. ‘They’re all supporting our candidacy.’”

“Last night’s results in Alabama are a bad omen for Bill Schuette, Michigan’s own Luther Strange,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Regardless of the President’s tweets in support of ‘Shuette,’ his supporters don’t take kindly to political hacks who let down hardworking families and taxpayers in service of wealthy special interests.”