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Bill Haslam Scurries to NYC for Closed-Door Trump Meet-Up

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Bill Haslam Scurries to NYC for Closed-Door Trump Meet-Up

Will undecided Haslam finally announce position on Trump?  

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam won’t say if he supports Donald Trump for president, but he will eagerly play social secretary for The Donald in New York City.

Today, Haslam and other GOP Governors met with Trump in a closed-door meeting at the Trump Towers in Manhattan. The Arizona Republic broke the news this afternoon that Haslam had been the governor who invited Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to the event. 

“Governor Ducey was invited by Tennessee Governor Haslam, former chairman of the Republican Governors Association,” Ducey spokesman Daniel Scarpinato told The Arizona Republic. 

Last week, Gov. Haslam called Trump’s comments that Federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel lacked the ability to deliver impartial rulings because of his background “indefensible.”

But for months, Haslam has refused to say if he will support Trump president. Haslam’s silence resulted in him being named as an original member of the Democratic Governors Association “Silent 9” GOP governors who refused to take a stance on Trump. 

“Today’s meeting should be a perfect opportunity for Bill Haslam to come out of hiding on Donald Trump,” said Democratic Governors Association communications director Jared Leopold. “Last week, Governor Haslam called Trump ‘indefensible,” and this week he’s Trump’s social planner. It’s time for Governor Haslam to come clean: The people of Tennessee deserve to know where their governor stands on Donald Trump for president.”

 Joining Halsam in the private meeting were 5 other GOP governors all of whom – including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant – have announced their support for Trump.

Notably absent from the meeting was New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. Martinez – the Chair of the Republican Governors Association – has refused to announce if she would support Trump for president and was nationally embarrassed by Trump during a May campaign rally in Albuquerque.