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‘Big Lie’ Lee Zeldin Finally Finds Evidence of Election Fraud — In His Own Campaign

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The Albany County District Attorney says he’s reviewing a request to investigate Lee Zeldin after he was caught red-handed trying to defraud his way onto the Independence Party line on the ballot for New York governor with nearly 13,000 invalid signatures.

The State Board of Elections invalidated Zeldin’s application after an investigation revealed many of his nearly 11,000 fraudulent ballot petition signatures were duplicates carefully hidden among hundreds of valid pages, indicating the copies were not an accident.

Zeldin continues to deny the allegations that one election law expert called “simple, blatant fraud.”

According to a new report last week, Zeldin also used campaign funds to pay a far-right extremist group to support his failed petitioning process.

‘Big Lie’ Lee’s election fraud is particularly embarrassing, considering Zeldin pushed bogus claims of election fraud in 2020. As a congressman, Zeldin voted against certifying Joe Biden’s wins in Arizona and Pennsylvania and supported legal efforts to overturn the election.

“When Lee Zeldin spent months calling for ‘election integrity,’ he apparently wasn’t talking about his own campaign for governor,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “‘Big Lie’ Lee failed in his attempt to cheat his way onto the ballot, but he did succeed in demonstrating to New Yorkers that he’s both a fraud and a hypocrite.”