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DGA Releases New Video And Statement Calling On Bevin To Come Clean About Flights On State Plane At Today’s Forum 

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Today, the Democratic Governors Association is releasing a new video, “Turbulence,” highlighting Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s use of the state-owned plane to jet-set across the country and his refusal to answer questions about these trips.
Bevin’s hit some turbulence on this issue, releasing an incomplete list detailing some of the flights he took on the state-owned plane despite telling Kentucky taxpayers the out-of-state trips are “none of their business.”
“Today’s forum offers Bevin a chance to come clean about why he’s using the state’s plane as his own personal play toy,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Bevin has insulted Kentuckians long enough with his excuses and evasion. We look forward to hearing Bevin’s answers today if he has nothing to hide.” 
Watch the video here