Bevin Kicks Off New School Year By Insulting Teachers

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It’s a new school year, and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin kicked it off by insulting teachers…again. In a radio interview this morning, Bevin suggested that teachers protested his anti-education agenda as a way to get paid time off work.
Um… what?
This comes just a few days after Bevin’s administration controversially ruled that over 1,000 Kentucky teachers broke the law.
For Bevin, insulting teachers is a pastime. In April last year during the teacher ‘sickout’ protests, he called teachers “selfish,” “short-sighted,” “ignorant,” and said they were “throwing a temper tantrum.” Bevin even linked the rally to child abuse.
Insulting teachers is nothing new for Bevin…he’s just at it again.
“Matt Bevin constantly insults Kentucky’s public school teachers, and it’s one of the main reasons he’s the country’s most unpopular governor,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Instead of working with Kentucky’s teachers to improve public education, Bevin demeans and attacks them. Kentuckians are sick of seeing their neighbors, friends, and family insulted, and it’s going to cost Bevin in November.”