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Bevin Insults His Lieutenant Governor…On Her Home Turf

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin just can’t stop insulting his hand-picked lieutenant governor.
Bevin removed Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton from the Republican ticket earlier this year and  fired two of her staff members without her permission. The spat has gone on for months, with Hampton even suing Bevin in court to reverse the firings. Hampton has continued to defend her actions as lieutenant governor.
Now Bevin finally has an explanation for why he removed Hampton from the ticket: “she likes going into schools and talking to kids.” Seriously.
Bevin has insulted teachers left and right, comparing them to drowning victims and calling them thugs. His insults have made him the country’s most unpopular governor.
Hampton was critical to boost Bevin’s credibility with Tea Party groups in 2015. Because Bevin removed Hampton from the ticket, Tea Party activists have said they are going to sit this election out.
“Bevin’s insults are forcing Republicans who helped Bevin win in 2015 to sit on the sidelines,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “With a month left to go, Bevin will have to overcome a divided party and a record of gross mismanagement to win re-election.”