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Bevin Accuses Kentucky Schoolchildren of “Getting Soft” Because of Cold Weather School Closings

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“We’re sending messages to our young people that if life is hard you can curl up in the fetal position.”

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is back in the headlines again for his latest in a long list of bizarre and out-of-touch comments. As communities across the country are hunkered down during a life-threatening cold spell, Bevin’s top concern was that Kentucky’s schoolchildren are “getting soft.”
From the Courier Journal:

Gov. Matt Bevin prodded Kentucky school districts to toughen up in the face of dangerously frigid winds that are blowing through the region. Speaking on 840 WHAS radio Tuesday, host Terry Meiners reminded Bevin that he would be up late tonight with his children because of classes being canceled on Wednesday. “Now we cancel school for cold, I mean — “ Bevin said. “It’s deep freeze; this is serious business,” Meiners responded. “Come on, now,” Bevin said. “There’s no ice going with it or any snow. What happens to America. We’re getting soft, Terry, we’re getting soft.”

A pattern of PR blunders like this one are at least partially responsible for the governor’s lowly approval ratings. Bevin holds the unenviable title of most unpopular governor in the country. Even his fellow Republicans are getting tired of his antics. State Rep. Robert Goforth scolded Bevin on Twitter writing, “Easy for a guy to say who went to the@gouldacademy -a $60k/yr prep school.” And Senator Rand Paul’s top aide said that the governor should “hush.” Even Al Roker got in on the action, calling the governor a “nitwit.”
But anyone familiar with Bevin knows that staying “hush” would be highly unlikely. The governor has routinely drawn national ridicule for bizarre comments like blaming zombie movies for mass shootings or suggesting that children were sexually assaulted as a result of a teacher’s strike.
“Matt Bevin’s latest out of touch comments show exactly why he’s America’s least popular governor,” said Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “With Kentucky suffering through a deep freeze, it’s a shame that all the hot air coming from the governor’s mouth couldn’t be put to better use. Kentucky voters are tired of having a governor who’s busy making headlines for all the wrong reasons.”