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Ben Salango Launches Campaign Ad Hitting Jim Justice For Failing to Fix West Virginia’s Crumbling Infrastructure While Spending Taxpayer Dollars Boosting His Own Businesses

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West Virginia Democratic candidate Ben Salango launched a new campaign ad today hitting GOP Gov. Jim Justice where it hurts – West Virginia’s notoriously bad roads. The ad, titled “Roads,” contrasts the recently paved street leading into the Justice-owned Greenbrier Hotel with the collapsing roads in the rest of the state. Justice made sure the roads near his luxury resort were nice, and used taxpayer dollars to boost his family business.

Meanwhile, hard-working West Virginians have had to live with some of the worst infrastructure in the country – and it’s taking a toll. A recent study showed each Mountain State driver is paying an extra $723 per year due to damage from poor road conditions.

Ben Salango will fix your roads. Jim Justice has already fixed the roads near him.

Watch the new ad here.

“Jim Justice only cares about fixing roads when it benefits his businesses,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “While Justice used taxpayer dollars to boost his family businesses, hard-working West Virginians had to deal with potholes, structurally-deficient bridges, mudslides, and more. Enough is enough West Virginia – it’s time to elect a governor who will use your taxpayer dollars to lower health care costs, invest in small businesses, and actually fix our roads.”