Bannon Effect in SC-GOV: Templeton and Bryant Won’t Denounce Roy Moore

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Republicans Around the Country Publicly Condemned Moore Yesterday 

Templeton and Bryant Align with Bannon and Breitbart

 It’s been less than a week since Steve Bannon descended on South Carolina, and we’re already seeing the consequences in the race for governor. Catherine Templeton, along with her opponents Gov. Henry McMaster and Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, “fussed and fawned” over Bannon in pursuit of his endorsement.

Last night, Templeton and Bryant upped the ante by refusing to condemn Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for alleged sexual misconduct with multiple minors. Even after dozens of prominent Republicans around the country called for Moore to drop out, Templeton refused to criticize him and Bryant wanted to “see more evidence”:

From The Post and Courier:

South Carolina governor candidate Catherine Templeton on Monday would not take a stance on whether Republican Roy Moore should drop out of the Alabama Senate race, saying her attention has been on other issues. 

“I think the people of Alabama will make a decision on Roy Moore…We’ve got enough to deal with in South Carolina for me to be keeping up with that.”

…Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, a South Carolina Republican also vying for the governorship versus incumbent Henry McMaster, said last week he would like to see more evidence.

Bannon and his website Breitbart have repeatedly defended Moore despite the mounting evidence against him.

“The Bannon Effect is in full force in South Carolina,” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “Templeton and Bryant are so desperate for Bannon’s approval they’re now defending an alleged pedophile. It’s downright shameful and shows just how low Templeton and Bryant are willing to go.”