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Baltimore Sun Editorial: Kelly Schulz “Has Favored Abortion Restrictions In the Past”

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Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun editorial board criticized politicians who are standing against reproductive freedom for women, noting that Kelly Schulz “has favored abortion restrictions in the past when she was a state legislator.”

In the fallout of the potential end of Roe v. Wade, Schulz has tried to walk a fine political line, now claiming she wouldn’t change Maryland law. But Schulz’s attempt to appear neutral on abortion crumbles after a closer look at her long record of anti-choice stances.

Schulz co-sponsored a constitutional amendment that would have effectively banned abortion with no exceptions, was endorsed by Maryland Right to Life, and supported defunding reproductive health care providers.

The Baltimore Sun Editorial Board wrote: “Maintaining the status quo on abortion is not neutrality; this amounts to an assault on women’s rights.”

“Candidate Kelly Schulz is desperate to hide how legislator Kelly Schulz has opposed reproductive rights for years,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Why is Kelly Schulz so scared of telling Marylanders about her real record?”