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Avery Bourne Turns Her Back on Fiscal Stability… Again

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Richard Irvin’s Running Mate Voted to Rack Up More Debt

Last night Richard Irvin’s running mate and Ken Griffin’s handpicked Lt. Gov. candidate Avery Bourne voted against legislation to pay off $4.1 billion in debt and accomplish several key goals laid out by Gov. JB Pritzker in his budget proposal.

Since March, Irvin’s Rauner Reboot costar has refused to engage in good faith on legitimate solutions to help working families deal with the challenges caused by the pandemic, and yesterday’s vote is no exception.

Bourne won’t address the multi-billion-dollar deficit in the unemployment insurance trust fund, and she’s made it clear that she’d rather see working families and small businesses suffer than work with the governor to find bipartisan solutions to the challenges Illinoisans face today.

Meanwhile, after decades of fiscal mismanagement, Gov. Pritzker is righting the wrongs of previous administrations. He passed balanced budgets, eliminated the state’s nearly $17 billion backlog in unpaid bills, and continues to lead Illinois on a path toward fiscal stability.

“Between misleading voters on the campaign trail, avoiding reporters, and voting against legislation that will lead to fiscal stability, Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne will have a lot of explaining to do ahead of the messy GOP primary,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “No matter what they say, the Republican gubernatorial candidates are not in the party of fiscal responsibility.”