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Austin Freakout: RGA 2018 Fears on Display in Texas

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Despite Republicans’ best efforts to appear calm and confident at the RGA’s meeting in Austin, there’s no question they are starting to get very nervous about a potential wipeout in 2018.


  • CNNRepublican governors fear a 2018 midterm wipeout after Virginia loss 
  • BloombergRepublican Governors Seek to Avoid 2018 Election Damage From Trump, Moore 
  • Associated PressRepublican governors gather amid party setbacks, turmoil

News outlets covered how Republican governors are “terrified” about a potential “wave.” And RGA Chair Scott Walker had only questions – no answers:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Republican governors are now trying to answer those questions after Gillespie, whom he called “an exceptionally good candidate,” was so soundly defeated. “What is driving the turnout? Is it a specific issue? Is it a specific region? Is it a specific type of voter? What impact of Washington?” Walker said, without offering an answer. CNN

The rest of the coverage was just as brutal:

Republican governors sense a wave coming — and they’re terrified it could wipe them out in next year’s elections. The three dozen GOP governors gathering here this week for a Republican Governors Association meeting — including some close allies of President Donald Trump — said they were jarred by Democrats’ easy victory in the Virginia governor’s race last week.”­­CNN

“Republican governors and their donors — still reeling from GOP losses last week in New Jersey and Virginia — are trying to distance themselves from their party’s problems and plot a 2018 strategy to protect their state-level dominance.” Bloomberg

“But electoral defeats last week, unfulfilled congressional promises and President Donald Trump’s plummeting popularity have some attendees concerned about a shifting political landscape.” Associated Press

How bad is it for Republicans? Vice President Mike Pence, speaking here Wednesday at the Republican Governors Association meeting, commended the “great leadership” of outgoing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who’ll leave office with approval ratings in the teens.” – American-Statesman