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AUDIO: New RGA Chair Attempts to Intimidate Police After 1:30AM Hotel Party Busted

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AUDIO: New RGA Chair Attempts to Intimidate Police After 1:30AM Hotel Party Busted

Today, the DGA released the following statement after RGA Chair Susana Martinez attempted to intimidate Santa Fe police officers who were called to respond to a noise complaint at a late night hotel party:

“Today, Governor Martinez’s Vice Presidential aspirations went out the window faster than you can say ‘pizza party,’” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “We look forward to the nation’s Republican governors and candidates campaigning with an RGA Chair who attempted to use her power to intimidate local police.”

Audio of Gov. Martinez’s calls to 911 is available here.

The following KOB 4 News story offers a full recap of the situation:

Recordings: Gov. Martinez tells police to call off response to hotel noise complaint

By: Elizabeth Reed

KOB 4 News


Gov. Susana Martinez reportedly called 911 after a noise complaint was made against her room at a Santa Fe hotel and told police they weren’t needed, according to dispatch recordings obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The New Mexican reports that officers were dispatched to the Eldorado Hotel & Spa on reports of loud noises coming from a room around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

In the initial call to police, a hotel staff member says there are guests partying in their room that have been told multiple times to keep quiet. The staff member also says they were throwing bottles off the balcony. 

The staff member asks for police assistance to escort the guests off the property.

In a second recording, a woman who identifies herself as the governor asks a dispatcher why police are responding to the hotel room.

Dispatcher: Because we were called out there.

Martinez: For what purpose?

Dispatcher: Reference: loud noise.

Martinez: Loud noise? We’re in a room eating pizza.

Dispatcher: I’m sorry ma’am, someone called us out there and we have to go.

Martinez: Someone? Who is someone?

Dispatcher: I can’t give you that information ma’am.

Martinez: Why can you not? It’s public record, give it to me.

Dispatcher: Give me one second, ma’am.

The dispatcher says he will transfer her to a supervisor.

The recording continues and Martinez can be heard asking someone, possibly a hotel staff member, if another resident had made a complaint. When the person would not tell her, she can be heard saying, “Oh, you can tell the police but you won’t tell me? I’ll get it from the cops.”

When she’s transferred to another dispatcher, Martinez asks who filed the complaint.

Dispatcher: The front desk.

Martinez: Oh, the front desk did. Now tell me where the front desk got that information from.

Dispatcher: I don’t have that information you have to talk to–

Martinez: So you just sent police over to shut down a room?

Dispatcher: To go to speak to individuals about a party.

Martinez: Ok, so we’re sitting there, I’m the governor of the state of New Mexico, and we’re in there with my sister who is disabled along with about six other people who are having pizza.

After talking with the dispatcher, Martinez can be heard on the recording talking to an officer in the room. She says, “whoever’s throwing bottles hasn’t been there for six hours.”

The officer’s response cannot be distinguished in the recording. Martinez then responds, “Thank you very much, we appreciate it, there’s no necessity for your officers to be here. Call them off. Goodbye.”

The governor’s office has not responded to calls about the recordings.