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AUDIO: Allan Fung Praises Trump’s “Track Record”

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GOP candidate Allan Fung’s cheerleading for Donald Trump’s policies continued last week, in an appearance on WPRO radio.

In an interview with WPRO’s Tara Granahan, Fung praised Trump’s “track record” of results. Given an opportunity to distance himself from the President, Fung offered only praise of Trump’s policies. 

You can hear Fung praising the President’s track record HERE.

President Trump’s tax bill would raise taxes on middle class Rhode Islanders to fund billions in special handouts for special interests and the wealthiest, but Fung failed to speak out.

This isn’t a new pattern for Fung. He has consistently backed President Trump and failed to speak out against his policies that are bad for the people of Rhode Island. He hid and remained completely silent during the Trumpcare debate, which threatened to jack up premiums and devastate Rhode Island’s state budget. He failed to swiftly denounce the Trump travel ban and refused to condemn President Trump for his divisive comments on Charlottesville in which he defended white nationalists. And he has repeatedly ducked questions about Trump’s decision to end DACA. 

“When President Trump’s bad policies hurt Rhode Islanders, it’s the governor’s job to stand up and put Rhode Island first,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But Allan Fung has shown he’ll be nothing but a lackey for President Trump’s damaging agenda. Rhode Island voters have previously rejected both Trump and Fung, and they will do so again next year.”

A transcript of Fung cheerleading for President Trump is below: 

TARA GRANAHAN: Final question: Cranston Mayor Alan Fung what do you with being aligned with, are you going to distance yourself a little bit more, where do you stand with President Trump?

ALAN FUNG: You know Tara, I’ve said this before – bottom line is I don’t operate and conduct myself in the same manner as the president. I don’t govern by Twitter. But I think his track record on some of his results, especially with the unemployment being as low as it has been since December of 2000, the stock market – I love my 401k results. In fact, I was even looking at our current pension plan – one of the worst funded pension plans in the state, that we fixed – we’re up to $70 million now from when we first came in that was in the low forties. So I think there’s a lot that is happening in our economy that’s a result of president and I’m looking forward to having more discussions about different other policies to rev up our economy.