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At Filing Day, Kelly Ayotte Goes All In on Trump As GOP Primary Lurches Further Right

At Filing Day, Kelly Ayotte Goes All In on Trump As GOP Primary Lurches Further Right

Former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte’s rare public appearance in Concord to file for the ballot yesterday was marked by the the hallmarks of New Hampshire’s GOP gubernatorial primary: nasty infighting, questions about her MAGA bona fides, and an all-consuming need to pander to the furthest fringes of the Republican Party.

As the Union Leader reports, Ayotte’s filing day was overshadowed by her primary opponent, former state Senate President Chuck Morse, who welcomed Ayotte to the race by hammering her voting record in the U.S. Senate, accusing Ayotte of “avoiding New Hampshire voters and the debate stage because of her terrible record,” and said that she is “hid[ing] from accountability.”Ayotte also took the opportunity to invite Trump to the Granite State to campaign with her for governor, with Fox News reporting that she’d “welcome the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.” Before losing her reelection campaign in 2016, Ayotte endorsed Trump before infamously rescinding her endorsement, stating, “I cannot vote for Donald Trump,” with many citing that decision for her loss. Back in the political spotlight again and competing in an increasingly competitive and nasty primary, Ayotte has reversed her position once more, endorsing the former president and in doing so reminding voters yet again why they cannot trust her.

Morse has continued to go after Ayotte for her track record in the U.S. Senate, and slamming her for dodging debates and flip-flop-flipping on Trump. Morse even launched a website and social media account attacking Ayotte’s record on immigration, claiming she voted for “the largest amnesty legislation of its time,” and accusing her of “talk[ing] like a conservative but vot[ing] like a liberal.” All of this infighting has forced the NHGOP to beg their candidates to stop attacking one another.

“Even on filing day, Kelly Ayotte could not avoid questions about her record and her ongoing efforts to hide from Granite Staters, but did make clear that she will do and say anything to get elected,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “While Kelly Ayotte goes all in on Trump, she’s reminding Granite Staters exactly why they rejected her 8 years ago: she can’t be trusted, and is just another self-serving politician who’s willing to say anything she thinks will earn her more votes.”