Ashley Kalus Took Tax Break for Illinois Homeowners Despite Moving to Rhode Island

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A new report from WPRI exposes GOP gubernatorial nominee Ashley Kalus for receiving a tax exemption on her mansion in Illinois even after she moved to and registered to vote in Rhode Island.

Under state law, the homestead exemption is only for homeowners who live in their residence full-time, which Kalus clearly did not as she was busy mismanaging COVID test centers in Rhode Island.

Though Kalus only moved to the state she hopes to govern last year and registered to vote there a mere eight months ago, she has plenty of ties to other states, previously working for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner as he tanked Illinois’ budget and public programs.

Kalus, who was born in California and grew up in Massachusetts, also owns another million-dollar home in Florida, where she voted as recently as 2020.

“Ashley Kalus claims she’s a true Rhode Islander until it comes to giving up her tax break in Illinois,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Kalus is just another lying politician, and Rhode Islanders will see right through her facade.”