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Ashley Kalus Accused of Pushing and Kicking a Pregnant Woman

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Last week, Target 12 obtained a 2019 police report in which Ashley Kalus was accused of pushing and kicking a pregnant woman.

The woman told police that Kalus “immediately began verbally insulting her and demanding she leave the premise” when she entered Kalus’ husband’s  office to discuss a water leak, then alleged that Kalus “pushed her left shoulder and then kicked her in the shin.”

“New details continue to emerge about Republican gubernatorial nominee Ashley Kalus’ history of legal disputes across several states,” WPRI reported.

This new story comes as Kalus is ensnared in ongoing litigation in Illinois after being sued by her former boss for fraud. She also recently settled a three-year dispute for allegedly violating short-term rental laws in Florida and is in ongoing mediation with the state of Rhode Island for mismanaging COVID testing sites.

“The reality is that I follow the rules and law,” Kalus said during a recent debate. But her track record proves otherwise.

Read the full report here.